All Purpose paint

All Purpose paint

RJ Spray Paint is a multi-purpose spray paint that has high gloss, fast drying, and excellent color stability / durability. It is suitable for both decorative and protective coatings for interior and exterior use. Commonly used directly as the top layer ( top coat ) for iron, wood, and can also be used for plastic ( eg, ABS plastic kind ).

RJ Spray Paint film has a strong, shiny, good adhesion and resilience ( elasticity ) satisfying.. There are 4 kinds of options : RJ, Z. Spray, Zuper and Super, in which each has advantages and utility functions.

Specifications :
Type : Acrylic Thermoplastic.
Form: Liquid ( fluid )
Color : Clear / transparent, fluorescent, solid color,
metallic and candytone.
Density : 0, 90-1, 20 g / ml
Viscosity : 12-13, 50 second ( Moderner Cup)
Theoretical coverage: 0, 100 l / m2, thickness of 30 microns.

Time to dry: room temperature
Touch dry : max. 15 minutes
Dry hard : 24 hours

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