Best Acrilic Emulsion Paint

Best Acrilic Emulsion Paint

Acrylic emulsion paint is formulated to produce a flat paint strokes, doff, resistance to mildew, mold and produce brilliant color and the color does not fade for interior and exterior use.


PURPOSE: Can be used for a variety of wall and ceiling painting the interior and exterior such as stucco, concrete, triplex, gypsum and asbestos.

Technical Data
Type : Styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion
Gloss : Do not burnish ( Doff )
Color : See color card
Density : 1.40 - 1.60 Kg / Liter
Theoritical coverage : 12 m² / liter for dry coating thickness of 30 microns

Speed drying :
Dry surface : 15-30 minutes ( Depending on humidity ) painting time interval of at least 2 hours, preferably one night to get the results okay.
HOW TO USE: Brush or roller : For the first layer dilute 10-20 % with clean water For the second and subsequent layers of 5 % - 10 % Syringe : Dilute with water 10-15 %

1. The new walls of stucco or concrete
- The surface of the wall must be perfectly dry. Water levels have reached 14-18 % and alkali below pH 9
- Clean up of dirt, dust, oils and salts
- Wash with a solution of chloride acid 10-15 % and then rinse with clean water.
- If necessary, wash again with a chlorine solution of 10-15 % to get rid of mold or mildew. Once the surface is dry again, give 1 layer Wall Sealer or alkali resisting primer.

2. The wall that had been painted
- If the old paint adhesion was good, clean from dirt, dust and oil. If necessary use a detergent solution and then rinsed with water until clean.
- When it is moldy or mossy, wash with chlorine dissolve  10-15 %, then rinsed with clean water and dry after given Fungicidal solution.
- When the layers of old paint had chipped, should be scraped down to the base wall. Clean the wall surface with clean water and then dry.

Additional Information:
Diluent : Water
Size Packaging : Pail ( 25kg ), Gallon ( 5 Kg )
Storage : Store in a shady and humid

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