Best Synthetic high gloss paint

Best Synthetic high gloss paint

Syntetis alkyd paint is dry, the air where the paint layer is very shiny and durable.

As a final polish that gives protection and beautify wood surfaces, iron on the inside and outside.

Note: Especially for new walls of stucco or concrete, not
it is recommended to use this type of alkyd paint, because it can happen
saponification (saponification) which will decompose the resin alkydnya
and oil reacts with alkali to be like soap, so
if not dry paint layer.

Technical Data:
Type: Alkyd synthetic
Gloss: Very gloss
Color: See color card
Specific Gravity: 0.90 - 1:20 Kg / Liter
Theoritical coverage : 12-14 m² / liter for dry layer thickness 35
Speed drying: Dry surface: 2-4 hours (Depending on humidity) Perfect Dry 24 hours
An interval of 16 hours painting
preferably one night to get the results okay.

Brush or Roller: Dilute 5% - 10% with thinner synthetis
Conventional spray equipment: Dilute 10-20% with thinner synthetis

1. The appearance and durability of paint layers depends on the preparation of the surface to be painted
2. Before painting, clean the wax, grease and other dirt dirt attached to the surface to be painted.
3. Layer old paint had chipped scraped through to the bottom surface
4. Rust that there should be cleaned with sandpaper or steel brush to clean as possible then given anti-rust primer.

Additional Information:
Diluent: Synthetic Thinner
Packaging Size: 0.1 ltr, 0.3 ltr, 0.8 ltr, 3.785 ltr, 20 ltr
Storage: Store in a shady and humid for
avoiding damage to cans.

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