COLOURMAN Gasoline Resistant Spray Paint is a paint made from 'special' binder, which is combined with suitable additives and high quality thinner to produce paint with a film surface that dries quickly, glossy, very good adhesion, flexible elasticity / bending power and excellent gasoline resistance.

Colourman Gasoline Resistant Spray Paint is very suitable for decorative and protective applications on media that require resistance to gasoline.

Packaging size : 300cc & 400cc  

Type : Alkyd – NC
Form : Liquid (liquid)
Color : Multi Color ( solid color and metallic color )
Dry Touch : Max. 10 minutes
Hard Dry : 24 hours
Gloss :
- Min. 40 (for solid color)
- Min. 50 (for metallic color)
- Max. 4 (for matte color)
Specific Gravity : 0.90 – 1.00 gr / ml.
Application suggestion : Min. 3 coatings.
Film Properties : Good Mechanical Properties, very good gasoline resistance.


  1. Clean the surface to be applied, for example sanded and wiped clean. Make sure the surface is dry and free from dust, rust, oil, silicone and other impurities. Do not apply or spray near heat / fire sources.
  2. Protect / cover objects that are not sprayed with cloth or newspaper so they are not exposed to paint dust during spraying activities.
  3. The results will look better and last longer if the paint is used at room temperature. ( maximum ±35°C ).
  4. To provide an even color and prevent clogging, shake the aerosol can for ±30 seconds until you feel the stirrer inside the can vibrate freely to allow the contents to be mixed evenly.
  5. Hold the can upright at a distance of ±20 cm from the surface to be applied with the spray head position (spray knob) directly facing the object. Gently press the "spray head" with the index finger, spray in a horizontal motion. During spraying the hand pressure on the "spray head" must be constant so that a thin and even layer of paint is formed. Shake the can periodically during use.
  6. To thicken the paint layer, wait a few minutes before repeating the spray. Repeat spraying in the same way as in point 5.
  7. Spraying at least 3 thin layers with an application time interval of several minutes will provide optimal results compared to spraying all at once with thick direct application results.
  8. After use, turn the can over and spray for 3 – 5 seconds to clean the spray button nozzle mechanism (prevent clogging) so that it can be reused easily in the future.
  9. If there is a blockage in the 'spray head', remove the spray head in a circular motion at the top of the can and the spray head to be opened is directed away from our face and body.

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