Davco K11 Slurry

Davco K11 Slurry
Davco K11 Slurry used with Davco K11 Bonding Agent reacts with concrete by a crystallization process to form a 2 part permanent slightly flexible waterproofing membrane capable of bridging cracks, to withstand hydrostatic pressure and for use in saturated conditions.

The unique and highly effective components or elements in the Davco K11 powder initiates a chemical reaction on contact with the free water, moisture and lime present within the pores and capillaries of concrete to form insoluble crystal complexes that block the passage of water. These crystals remain integral in the capillaries thus producing a waterproof watertight structure.

Davco K11 Bonding Agent being a carboxylised styrene butadience latex milky white liquid is used instead of water to improve workability on the mix, to achieve optimum adhesion to the substrate, to improve elasticity and control shrinkage on setting and to avoid early water loss during the setting process and to avoid salt efflorescence and increase abrasion resistance.

Davco K11 Slurry is used with water to produce a rigid system used externally to stop water seepage and prior to applying any elastic waterproofing system (eg. Davco K100, Davco SK2000S).

  • For application to interior and exterior below grade surfaces against concrete decay and waterborne corrosive salts.
  • For application in between horizontal structural slabs and toppings against hydrostatic pressure.
  • Seals and protects masonry walls against algae or fungus growth caused by atmospheric pollutants and moisture and to bridge shrinkage cracks.
  • To produce a tough and durable waterproofed finish which cannot be easily damaged or worn off including foot trafficking.
  • White colour Davco K11 system provides a decorative appearance to receive direct painting without affecting opacity.

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