E Plus Shield

E Plus Shield

E-PLUS SHIELD Acrylic Weather Shield is an exterior wall paint made from raw materials with green technology, it provides protection for seven years from weather, ultra violet light, fungus, mould and algae. It has low dirt pick - up, good alkaline resistance, bright colours and long lasting.

It is formulated for painting exterior wall and ceiling, including brick work, cement plaster, concrete, GRC Panel, etc.

Surface Preparation
Surface must be dry, free from dirt and oil specially for new wall of cement plaster and concrete, cement and water must be reacted completely until the alkalinity become low. Clean any area effected by fungus, mould and algae with Fungicidal Wash. Primer Coat

RJ SUPER WALL SEALER (water based), 1 coat without thinning or use RJ Alkali Resisting Primer (solvent based) 1 coat without thinning for surface with high alkalinity, most important if finishing with e - PLUS SHIELD brilliant colors such as red, yellow, etc. Top Coat E PLUS SHIELD : 2 - 3 coats, dilute with ± 10% clean water according to application need.
Recoating interval : minimum 2 hours (at temperature of 30 degree C)

Packaging size : 2,5 ltr dan 20 ltr.

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