RJ EPOXY PRIMER is a 2-component primer based on epoxy resin that has good adhesion on iron and metal, also has good resistance to water, oil, solvents and is easy to sand. RJ EPOXY PRIMER is usually used as a primer for auto refinish paint, iron and steel.

Application Data
Mixture Ratio : Base : Hardener = 4 : 1 (v/v)
Dilution : 30%-40% Thinner ND
Application Method : Air Spray
Pot life : 4 hours after mixing
Drying Time : 2 hour touch dry, 6 hour hard dry
Subsequent painting interval : minimum 16 hours
Coverage (theoritical) : 17-21 m2/liter/layer


Application Procedure
1. Clean the surface from dust, rust, oil, dirt and other contaminants
2. Mix the Base and Hardener in an appropriate ratio then add 30%-40% thinner.
3. Apply using air spray.
4. After completion of application, wash all equipment using thinner.
5. Close the can tightly, store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

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