RJ Green Axis is a Butane Gas Cartridge that can be used for portable gas stoves and gas torches.

Attention :
- This product contains PRESSURED, flammable and EXPLOSIVE GAS.
- Do not store above 40°C or near sources of ignition or heat sources such as electric or gas stoves, grills, induction cookers, gas torches, bonfires, welder flames, mufflers, hot stones.
- Do not use this product in a place where there is not enough ventilation to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning and fire, for example: tents, caravans, boats, galleys where there is not enough ventilation.
- Do not use this product near flammable and potentially flammable items. Example: tissue, paper, alcohol, gasoline.
- Don't use it if it leaks, don't refill it yourself, don't store it in a portable stove.
- Keep this product out of reach of children.

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