Glue 66

Glue 66
RJ Glue 66 is a multipurpose solvent base adhesive made from synthetic rubber ( Neoprene ) and specifically developed for use in tropical or hot climates. Suitable for gluing floors, mica, rubber, wood, fiber, iron, cement joints. Also very suitable for gluing materials made of leather and rubber such as shoes and other leather industries.

Type : Neoprene (solvent base adhesive)
Color : Brownish yellow
Viscosity : 3,000 – 4,000 cps
Density : 0.8 – 0.9 Kg / Liter
Solid content : 16 – 18 %

1. The surface to be glued must be porous, dry and free from dust, dirt, oil. To make a rough surface can be used sandpaper
2. Lightly apply one side of the surface with RJ Glue 66 and wait about 10 – 60 minutes.
3. Each surface is glued and pressed (if necessary, use a hammer so that it sticks together tightly)
4. If this glue has to be diluted use toluene

Additional information
Package Size : 100 mL, 300 mL, 600 mL
Storage : Store in a cool, dry place

RJ Glue 66 contains a flammable solvent, do not use near open flames or sources of ignition. After use, close the can tightly and keep it out of reach of children.

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