INJECTOR CLEANER CARBURETOR specially formulated with the selected premium quality materials disolve carburetor deposits such as gum sludge and varnish to improve fuel system performance and insure maximum fuel economy.

INJECTOR CLEANER CARBURETOR It also cleans and frees auto chokes, carburetor linkage, etc.

Packaging size : 500cc


Form : Liquid
Color : Clear 
Density : 0, 82 – 0, 84 gr/ ml
Viscosity : 8, 90 second ( Moderner Cup )

Do not spray on hot metal surface or when engine is hot. Use plastic extention tube to direct spray to exact location. If spilled or sprayed on painted surface, wipe off or wash immediately.
1. Carburetor Linkage
With ignition off and engine cool, remove Water fikter cleaner and spray entire exterior surface of carburetor including linkage. After carburetor dry, start engine and spray carburetor cleaner down the carburetor throat to remove the deposit from the lower throttle plate area.
2. Auto Chokes
With engine off, spray carburetor cleaner on both ends of choke valve and corresponding linkages while opening and closing choke by hand.
3. Manifold heat control valve (macam – macam valve pengontrol panas)
With engine cold, spray carburetor cleaner on both ends of heat control valve shaft. Move counter weight up and down until valve moves freely. If necessary, tap gently with a light hammer to loose a frozen heat control valve.
4. PVC Valve
Disconnect crank ease side of PVC valve and with engine running spray carburetor cleaner into open end of valve while working the plunger back and forth.

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