K10 SolarTAC

K10 SolarTAC

Davco K10 SolarTAC is paint Thermal Protector with economical price the cool can with building reflects radiant heat energy penetrates before building .
It can initials Lowering the temperature of the room Part hearts And Reduce include energy costs for room cool .
Davco K10 SolarTAC form a thick layer of skin water proofing highly flexible and durable surface that can withstand movement , cracks connect and protect from fungus and mildew , while also refreshing and beautify the exterior appearance .

• Davco K10 SolarTAC Is Suitable For roofs and walls Office Building and Housing .
• Davco K10 SolarTAC can be applied in the surface such as concrete , create , aluminum , steel , cement molding , stone , brick , wood and others.

• Available various colors hearts , easy on the application for , no Toxic and Environmentally Friendly  Building cooling the heat radiation hearts Lowering the room And Reduce energy consumption Protects From mosses and herbs Preparation

Must be prepaid surface free of grease, oil and dust. Surface The Very fine sandpaper for Must in adhesion Better • Clean the rust , moss , cement Time hardened , fiber cement and asphalt materials in clean Damaged Good Must Operate mechanical or chemical.

A problem surfaces such as blisters , holes and cracks must be in the clear , then in fixed with flexible filler. for power by the hobby good adhesion, the surface of the can in base with davco latex and lack of cement mixture.  The rusty metal should the clean with or blasting how to lay a standard tpu, then layered with rust converter.
Other metals must be treated tpu nature, examples for new galvanizing, fat clean , etching or amlas surface and coated primary with before painting.
Davco K10 SolarTAC Operating applied directly on the surface of Public Buildings , such as concrete , create , aluminum steel , cement molding , brick and.
Base with Davco latex surface and lack before applying the cement mixture . Strengthening Where needed, use the OR polyester mesh netting thick layer of skin first on when still wet.

Elongation at break of 260 %
Thermal Conductivity 0.9 W / mº K
Adhesion Strength 1.36 N / mm2
Heat Reflectance > 99 %
Creck abaridging Yes
Emittance , Є 0.88
Coverage  Roof: 1.1 m2 per liter to 2 layers

PACKAGING  Available in packs of plastic 1 liter , 4 liter and 20 liter The shelf life of more than 12 months at the time of the original packaging has not been opened and stored in a cool and dry

THE PURGE Clean all brushes , rollers , trays , buckets and surrounding area with clean water before product dries

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY When exposed to splashing in the eyes and skin, wash immediately with clean water . If the effect persists, seek immediate medical attention

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