Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

RJ Leather Furniture polishing and tire is specially designed to protect items such as car dashboard, tires, furniture and goods - items made from leather, plastic, leather and wood to the influence synthetic Ozone , Oxygen and Ultra Violet rays that can lead to faded and washed out.

Specifications :
Type : Silicone
Form: Liquid ( fluid )
Color : Clear
Density : 0 , 68-0 , 71 g / ml
Viscosity : 9 , 45 second ( Moderner Cup)


- Clean and remove all dirt from the surface to be buffed.
- Shake the can for ± 20 seconds, then spray RJ Leather Furniture and tire evenly on the surface of objects earlier and rub with a clean dry cloth to obtain results and brilliant luster.
- Repeat spraying every week to care for and protect the display surface.
- Not for use on fabrics or fabrics

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