Paint Remover

Paint Remover

Chemical liquid formulated for peeling layers of paint. Exposed layers of paint remover paint will bubble / softened so easily peeled with the help of a putty knife or other tools.

It is suitable for threshing of synthetic alkyd paint , varnish , NC , melamine paints , stoving paints and paint

Technical Data :
Type : Solvent base
Color : Transparent
Specific Gravity : 1.1 - 1.3 Kg / Liter

Packaging Size: 0,1 kg,0,45 kg,1 kg,2,5 kg,3,5 kg.

- Apply a coat of paint on the surface to be exfoliated with a brush / roller evenly.
- Take a few moments to soften the paint layer ballooned
- Slough paint layer by using a tool such as a putty knife , brush and others.
- Clean the surface of the substrate from the remains of the old paint with water or cleaning thinners before coating with new paint again.
- Before repainting make sure that the surface must be perfectly clean of residual paint remover.

- Do not shuffle the cans before opening
- Do not use paint remover for plastic surfaces
- Wear rubber gloves
- Be careful when opening the lid should not be inhaled / spattered
- When the affected limb should be washed with clean water flowing
- Close the cans back when not in use , keep it away from the reach of children 

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