RJ Rust Guard

RJ Rust Guard

RJ Rust Guard is a lubricant that functions as:
- The liquid will seep rust prevention on metal surfaces to prevent
- Fluid rust, leave for a few minutes on the surface to penetration
the maximum
- Satisfactory lubricant to reduce friction between the parts that intersect.
- Protective liquid metal against rust and corrosion.
- Liquid lubricant satisfactory to stop sound 'squeak'.
- Liquids that can be used on door joints, bolts, screws, bars, chains, car door, keyhole, sports and fishing equipment, the machinery industry and so on.

Form: Liquid (fluid)
Color: Yellow brown.
Density: 0, 70-0, 73 g / ml
Viscosity: 9-10 second (Moderner Cup)

Packaging size:65 cc,150 cc,400 cc.


- Clean the parts to be lubricated, if dirt is too thick brush with a wire brush and then wipe with thinner / turpentine.
- Shake the can for ± 20 seconds, then spray 'RJ Rust Guard' evenly on the rusty parts or creaking to be lubricated.
- Let stand for a few minutes so that the liquid is absorbed.

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