RJ Super Cleaner Carburetor

RJ Super Cleaner Carburetor
RJ Super Cleaner carburetor

RJ Super Cleaner carburetor is a mixture of specially formulated using high quality materials-materials to dissolve impurities in the carburetor like sap, crust, and varnishes are used to improve the performance of the fuel system and ensure maximum fuel economy.
RJ Super Cleaner carburetor also cleans and smooth auto choke, carburetor connection, heat generation, and so forth.


Do not spray RJ Super Cleaner on hot metal surfaces or when the engine is still in hot conditions. Wear 'plastic extension tube' (a plastic tube that is included in the package) to directly spray the desired area to the right. If spilled or sprayed on the surface of the air paint (paint coated surfaces), wipe or wash immediately.
• Linkage carburetor (carburetor connection)
By the time the machine is turned off and in a cold engine, disconnect the air purifier filter (air filter cleaner) and spray the entire outer surface of the carburetor including
connection. After the carburetor dry up, turn on the machine and spray cleaners
carburetor to the bottom of the 'rod carburetor' to remove sediment / crust of the valve plate area extinguisher lower.
• Auto Chokes
In the condition of the dead engine, carburetor cleaner spray on both ends of the choke valve and adjust the choke dibuka- connection while the lid by hand.
• Manifold heat control valve (the kinds of heat control valve)
In a cold engine, carburetor cleaner spray on both ends of the heat control valve shaft. Move in opposite, up and down to move freely valve (valve feels light). If necessary, tap slowly with a small hammer / hammer lightly to remove heat control valve freezes.
• PVC Valve
Remove the crank on the edge of the PVC valve and the engine running condition carburetor cleaner spray into the open end of the valve when the plunger / suckers work back and forth.
Form: Liquid (fluid)
Color: Clear / transparent.
Density: 0, 82-0, 84 g / ml
Viscosity: 8, 90 second (Moderner Cup)

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