Super Wall sealer

Super Wall sealer

Is the base for wall paint made from acrylic emulsion and function as alkali resistant sealer, Mansory sealer, primer and undercoat

PURPOSE: This product is suitable for new or old wall painting made of stucco, brick, gypsum, GRC panels, and others as well as to protect the paint against harmful alkali on the surface of the wall and provide good adhesion to the paint finish.

Technical Data :
Type : Acrylic emulsion
Gloss : slight sheen
Color : White Density : 1:20 to 1:30 Kg / Liter
Theoritical coverage : 12 m² / liter for dry layer thickness 25 microns

Speed drying :
Dry surface : 20 minutes ( Depending on humidity ) painting time interval of at least 2 hours, preferably one night to get the results okay.

Brush or roller : paint ready for use. When required dilution Add water 5-10 %
Syringe : Dilute with water 10-15 %

1. The new walls of stucco or concrete
- The surface of the wall must be perfectly dry. Water levels have reached 14-18 % and alkali below pH 9 - Clean up of dirt, dust, oils and salts
- Wash with a solution of chloride acid 10-15 % and then rinse with clean water.
- If necessary, wash again with a chlorine solution of 10-15 % to get rid of mold or mildew. Once the surface is dry again, give 1 layer Wall Sealer or alkali resisting primer.

2. The wall that had been painted
- If the old paint adhesion was good, clean from dirt, dust and oil. If necessary use a detergent solution and then rinsed with water until clean.
 - When it is moldy or mossy, wash with chlorine larutak 10-15 %, then rinsed with clean water and dry after given Fungicidal solution.
- When the layers of old paint had chipped, should be scraped down to the base wall. Clean the wall surface with clean water and then dry.

Additional Information:
Diluent : Water
Size Packaging : Pail ( 20 Kg ), Gallon ( 5 Kg )
Storage : Store in a shady and humid

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