Thin Coating Putty

Thin Coating Putty

Is putty with alkyd resin base material NC and extender combination, easily applied, quick drying, good adhesion, film coating hard and will not cause shrinkage and drying are not perfect in the putty. Suitable for use on wood and metal surfaces

It can be used car body repair, to fill the slits were cracked, and the surface is rough on the surface of metal and wood..

Technical Data :
Type : Alkyd NC
Gloss : No gloss ( Matt )
Color : White to gray
Specific Gravity : 1.30 - 1.70 Kg / Liter
Theoritical Coverage : 6-8 m² / liter for dry coating thickness 40-50 micron

Speed drying
Dry surface : 30-60 minutes ( Depending on humidity )
Dry hard : 4-5 Hours
Lapse of time to recoat : 6 hours

Method of application: Spatula
No need to be ready to use paint thinners
Before application the surface must be clean of grease, oil, dust and dirt..

Additional Remarks :
Packaging Size : 500 grams
Storage : Store in a shady and moist to avoid damage to cans.

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