Under coat

Under coat

RJ Undercoat made of specific binders combined with high quality solvent mixture. The results of the application of these products provide a coating having good adhesion, and durable.

Serves as a protective layer on the bottom of the motor vehicle body, the outer door panels, floor of the ship, the bottom of the motor boat or other objects that require protection against corrosion / rusting or corrosion due to water splash caused by weather changes or extreme conditions.

specifications :
Form: Liquid ( fluid )
Color : Black and Grey
Density : 1, 0-1, 30 g / ml
Viscosity : 10 DPAs ( Rion Meter )
Theoretical coverage: 0, 100 l / m2, thickness of 40 microns.

Time to dry: room temperature
Touch dry : max. 10 minutes
Dry hard : 24 hours

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