USE WALL PUTTY is a ready to use putty suitable for interior uses with excellent finishes.
It is recommended for wood, both new and old surfaces, suitable for filling cracks, joints, leveling up uneven rough surfaces such as on concrete, cement walls, platform, asbestos, brick structures, plywood, wooden furniture.
USE WALL PUTTY is very flexible, strong, long lasting and and has a good fungus resistance. Easy to apply and sanding, thus provide efficient painting cost.

- Thixotropic Characteristically , Power to have latched onto and penetration The Very Good  
- mushrooms and can in the area of Anti applied pada The alkali
- Direct can easily used and in the application for   easy in sanding and painting is NOT difficult job power Coverage ( scope) The dispersive power are suggested   : ± 1 - 3M2 per kg for 2 thick layer of skin PACKAGING Quantity:   Available packaging plastic hearts 5 Kg and 25 Kg storage To be durable and can in use Back in later days , close the packaging Meetings and store in a dry place The temperature normal.   save wall with the USE Putty in Places exposed to direct sunlight '   because putty will become hard, if  lid open packaging , can putty contaminated  


Surface Preparation
1. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, free of grease, oil, fungus, and other impurities.
2. Moisture content of surface should be below 8% and pH value below 9.5.
3. For old surface, clean and remove old peeling paint works before applications.

1. Stir thoroughly before use
2. For optimum result, apply several thin coat than one heavy coat
3. Allow putty to dry. Drying time in normal temperature between 20'C- 30'C:
- Touch dry : 15 minutes
- Hard dry : 2 hours
- Reapplication interval : 2 hours (only if required)
- Sanding after 4 hours (use sanding paper no. 150 ,360)
4. Apply paint works

Use plastic / metal trowel

Recommended coverage approx. 1-3 m2 per kg for two coats

USE WALL PUTTY available in : 5 kg, 25 kg plastic container

Keep the lead tightly close and store in a dry location at normal room temperature. If opened, the moisture content of RJ Wall Putty will be influenced by the air humidity. Do not put in direct exposure to sunlight as contents may harden.

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