Ware Cleaner

Ware Cleaner

Ware Cleaner is a cleanser that effectively removes stubborn dirt on the surface of porcelain, ceramic and moss and mildew growth areas.

Ware cleaner is very suitable for use on the bathroom floor and the surface of the porcelain and ceramics.

usage rules
• Put in a container
• Pour Ware cleaner on the desired area and wait a few minutes until the foam that caused the black color that indicates the active impurities
• Flush with clean water back and to a less optimal outcomes can be done with a brush (for area moss and fungi)
• Flush back with enough water.

Suggested usage
Use gloves rubber / plastic
Use Ware cleaner in the room with a circulation open air is enought.

Physical Looks: light yellow
pH: 0 -1

Keep out of reach of children - children, when contact with eyes rinse with clean water as much
Clean with soap and rinse with water if exposed to the skin.

Available in packs of 1 ltr and 5 Ltr.

To be durable and can be in use back at a later date, cover tightly packaged and stored in a dry place at normal temperature.

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