Zinc Chromate

Zinc Chromate

Is a corrosion resistant high quality and economical because it also functions as a final polish. A mixture of high-grade pigment causing RJ Zinc Chromate well as protective metal surfaces and similar surfaces from rust and is recommended for the construction of iron, steel, bridges, fences and others.

- As for the anti rust corrosion environment that is not too heavy
- As a primer or primer

Technical Data :
Type : Alkyd modification and anti -containing pigment rust
Gloss : a little sheen
Colour : See color card
Density : 1:20 to 1:50 Kg / Liter
Theoritical Coverage : 13-14 m² / liter for dry layer thickness of 40

Speed drying :
Dry surface : ½ hour - 1 hour ( Depending on humidity ) Perfect Dry 16 hours An interval of 6 hours painting preferably one night to get the results good.

Brush or Roller : Dilute 10-15 % with thinner synthetis
Conventional spray equipment : Dilute 10-20 % with thinner synthetis


1. The appearance and durability of the paint layer is highly dependent on the preparation of the surface to be painted
2. Before painting, clean the wax, grease and other dirt dirt attached to the surface to be painted.
3. Layers of old paint that has chipped scraped through to the bottom surface
4. Rust that there must be cleaned with sandpaper or steel brush to clean as possible and then given a zinc chromate paint.
5. For new metal instead of iron recommended given one thin layer Wash Etching primer or primer before painting the next.

Additional Remarks :
Diluent : Synthetic Thinner
Packaging Size : 0.8 Ltr,, 3.785 ltr, 20 ltr
Storage: Store in the shade and moist to avoid damage to cans.

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